RoundUp released a new commercial

If you want to lawn to look like the above picture, then go out and buy RoundUp for Lawns.  Monsanto, the manufacturer of RoundUp for Lawns, has released a new commercial for this product on Monday.  The name of the commercial is titled ‘The Dawn of a New Lawn.’  Using this product will destroy weeds and the rest of your lawn.  Then, a new lawn will be on the horizon because the lawn will have to be replaced.

The problem with RoundUp for Lawns is that the product will not only kill your weeds, but your entire lawn.  One of the active ingredients in this lawn weed control spray is dicamba.  

Fortunately, this product from RoundUp will not give you cancer since glyphosate is not in RoundUp for Lawns.  However, dicamba has been proven to drift after being sprayed.  Whatever the dicamba touches after the wind drifts the herbicide will be destroyed in its wake.  Last month, a farm in Missouri won a $265 million (USD) lawsuit against Bayer, the owner of Monsanto, because dicamba drifted from an adjacent field and killed every crop on his farm.  Do not buy RoundUp for Lawns or you will be caught up in the dicamba drift.


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