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Do you build a prefabricated or classical house?

Do you build a masonry – a classic or prefabricated house? There is no universal answer to this question, but it depends on the individual needs of the investor and his beliefs.

Prefabricated houses are ideal for people who want to live in a house designed according to their personal needs, but they are not interested in the construction as a process or do not know enough about it, they do not have the experience of that kind, nor the time to deal with the construction, so they are left to the contractors by turnkey system.

Prefabricated houses are not novelty. They appeared in the 18th century, and modern prefabricated houses experienced an expansion of the seventies of the 20th century. These are objects whose elements are made in workshops or factories, from which these finished elements – parts of the house, produced according to the architectural project, are transported to the necessary location and then folded on the spot.


When it comes to prefabricated houses the most commonly mentioned advantages are: lower price, construction speed and energy efficiency.


TIME required for the construction of the prefabricated house is much shorter than the time required for the construction of masonry buildings. Namely, during which it is necessary to build walls, windows, panels and other parts of the prefabricated house in the factory, on the site where the house will be built, foundation and other preparatory works can be done. It is estimated that time savings are up to three times higher, as the construction of the prefabricated house lasts up to several months, while the construction of a conventional house for one year. Prefabricated house is a completely finished product, and in classical construction there is always something that remains incomplete, most often it is a facade, so it often happens that people live in unfinished buildings for years.


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  1. now days it’s how much can you afford to be where you want to be
    & these days it cost to renovate & own Mobil shed to turn it into a living area,
    as we are talking about doing BUT with our income it’s not affordable yet.

    You take a unfinished shed & remodel it as you would a house just smaller.
    insulation, pluming, walls, windows IF you want more later after purchase
    flooring through out the place & the designing to put your own touch on it.

    I would LOVE to replace my husbands place into a shed just for him but we don’t
    have the funds nor the help to get it put together right now, what he’s living in
    should be a LOT better, but this is what happens when things don’t go right.

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