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Before It Rains ~ 365 Photos Challenge #257 – #262

In the hot sun, without the wind, the temperature was very hot today. 

The heat that dries all moisture, pulls out voices of complaints. Like nature who deliberately tortures. Is it possible? Could nature, part of the One, not take sides with me or all life?

#259 Falling Flower

A frangipani, the cute plumeria has fallen by wind in the morning still stay there on the grass. Maybe the edge of its age has come indeed.

  1. Yes, Albert, although it is not heavy laden, her banana tree does bear fruit. Not sure about the dirt. It has mulch from leaves that fall from plants she has encircling it.

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#260 Does Not Complain

Adam Eve plants or Moses-in-the-cradle or Oyster plant which has a resistance to heat and dry place really does not complain at all for the intense heat.

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#261 Motionless

As palm leaves at an altitude are still motionless, as well as yellow frangipani flowers at the end of the twigs.

#257 Palms Leaves On High

Palm leaves at an altitude are freeze, motionless.

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#258 Artemisinin

Kenikir or Cosmos caudatus, which is recently believed to be a great plant to treat cancer, looks bright and fresh in the sun.

#262 Two Small White Butterfly

Flying quickly and fro, two butterflies were nimble looking for flowers to find the essence.

Clouds creep slowly, but for a moment the sky has become gray. Then it drops rain before an ant success bringing a rice to the hole. Rain rained hard, and the water immediately flooded the ground which forced the ants to hide somewhere.

There is only the infinite vastness of the One, expressing itself, through everything, on everything. So it is always on my side, as well as it is always on its own side.

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