A Loom and a Knitting Fork

These tools which I am making as gifts are unfinished, but ready for the first coat of polyurethane to harden and protect the wood. I actually found the wood for the loom discarded alongside a road. It was dirty and full of rusty nails and splinters. My 4″ tablesaw was a big help in getting it cleaned up and sized. I had to make sure the saw did not go near the knot, though, because knots are too hard for a micro-saw to handle. On my first loom I tried to pound a nail into one of them and it bent 9 nails in a row before I could get one to actually go in. By that time the wood was weakened, so I had to fill in with glue. But that is cool. These things give it character.

This small loom is a good size for weaving bags up to 8″ x 10″ which is just about the right size to hold a smart phone and a few other things.

I don’t know if this lucet looks like a dog or not, but it certainly does not look like a cat, so I hope my friend who is not into cats likes it. You may recall that I posted about a bracelet I recently made with a lucet here.

I have been practicing because a bunch of us plan to spend some time  doing crafts together next month. I tried this first with cotton worsted which is sold by the pound. One pound is around 800 yards which would make 30 or 40 bracelets. That comes to about 25 cents per bracelet. When we get really good at it then we will buy satin cord and add pretty beads or semi-precious gemstones We will have fun and make ourselves some pretty things.


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Written by Ann Hartley