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Sharing is Caring Challenge: Don’t Miss Out

Ellie started the Sharing is Caring challenge. Just come and join in, and share something today. That is what the rules are all about right ellie?

A flower

A cat or dog on a rug

Or even a lady-bug

Can become a memory

Of any given day

Don’t let chances

Run right past you

Your camera of life

Needs to be open

To seeing



All that unfolds

Before you.

I was on my way to work today when I started feeling sorry for myself. I thought why not find things to look at, and see the marvel through-out those things. I saw a beautiful bird, and then I just started feeling relaxed, hoping and wondering what I might see next. If I would have stayed feeling depressed I would have missed out on these little joys. I try to bounce back fast from low moments, because I know that life is short, and can be a lot sweeter IF I just look around and see what the world has for me to witness and take joy in


What do you think?

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Written by LaJenna


  1. My heart and feelings were filled with lights instantly, like a fireworks blasts every time I read such beautiful things. You are right, everything has its own beauty. Only willingness to see and sincere attention is needed to enjoy it. Cheers!