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Tips for the bedroom without traditional bed – some design solutions

The bedroom is one of the most important premises on which the positive aura of your home is based. You definitely spend a third of your life in this room, so the layout of the bedroom and its design elements must fully fit your taste. But what if furniture is expensive and you want to live well right now? In this case, a great way out is the bedroom without a traditional bed, only with a mattress. With some creativity and effort, you can turn your bedroom into the most original home room, even for a long time.

Pallet bed

In recent years, palettes in various places of the world have become one of the most original furniture making materials for lofts or not standard houses. Getting wooden pallets usually does not cost anything, so making furniture from pallets is extremely cheap. The only price is the ingenuity and the ability to transform the unnecessary thing into something original and useful. From the simple wooden pallets you can create a cozy and original bed.

What do you need? A good and comfortable mattress that will carry out the most important function of the bed and the pallets on which you will put a mattress. The pallets can be slightly wider than the mattress, so you get the space you need to put the necessary items or interior details. It is worth remembering that the Scandinavian style is best suited for this type of bed.

In addition, avoid expressive compositions – dark and bright colors usually reduce visually of the room space. Choose the light, soft shades that help you relax, give you a sense of tranquility – the cream, beige, bluish or gray shades are best suited. To make the bedroom not bored, highlight the accents of brighter colors. Hang a bright colored picture, colored cushion or an exclusive plant.

Bed on the floor

What should you do if you do not want to put a wooden bed in the bedroom? The easiest way is to put a mattress on the floor or carpet. The idea of laying a mattress on the floor comes from a minimalist style: this method is usually chosen by people interested in Japanese culture, in which the usual things that are not used during the day are hidden in an invisible place. Representatives of this country put the mattress in the closet during the day, and when the evening arrives they again put it on the floor.

With the development of Japanese culture and the need for minimalism, people think maybe this cultural tradition really benefits? When designing the spirit of such a bedroom, do not be afraid to experiment with colors and shades and delicate interior accents, such as: luminaires, photo frames, mirrors, cushions. Do not forget to use off the space above the bed – you can create a niches, shelves and original lighting.

Bed hanged on the ceiling

Probably one of the most interesting small space’s solutions is a bed that is attached to the ceiling. It would seem that this method is not always feasible, but with some effort and desire, you can create a cozy and exclusive space for sleep. For such beds can be selected the heavy wooden platforms and with strong ropes or metal chains attached to the ceiling. The mattress will play the most important role – the quality of your sleep and the balance of the bed will depend on it. When choosing such a bedroom design, combine the color of the ceiling with other interior elements.

Place a large blanket and a few soft cushions onto the hanging bed mattress. Do not forget that lighting in such a bedroom is very important – you should combine the general and individual lighting of the zones. General lighting should not give a very intense light, the best would be a mild and warm color.

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