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New apartment & neighborhood

Thankfully, I finally found an apartment, but had to move to a totally different side of Chicago. It took me three months to find this apartment and it was a huge downgrade compared to some of my previous apartments years back. When I say huge downgrade, I’m meaning downgrade in location and resources within the neighborhood itself. I went from living in a diverse neighborhood on the north side of Chicago to living in the ghetto on the west side of Chicago. It’s very humbling when I walk the neighborhood to the fitness center or even to my car because my new neighborhood brings drugs; violence; poor quality restaurants and grocery stores within it, plus litter on pretty much every block which shows lack of pride.

I searched all over the far north side and north side for an apartment in mostly Edgewater, Rogers Park, Uptown and even considered a few places on the south side in neighborhoods Hyde Park, Kenwood and South Shore. The search cut into my semester which I eventually dropped within two weeks because the search took up most of my time and interfered with me applying for internship. What made my search rough was many realtors that I applied to wanted clients that make three times the actual rent cost which I did not make. To explain that in an understandable way if the rent costs $700.00 a month they require you to make $2,100.00 a month to be considered. That alone is a rough range to average unless you have a bachelor’s degree or work a good paying job or two.

Lowering your standards is a bitter pill to swallow, but what helped me get through this is that I had to look at it on the brighter side which was there are many people in this world that do not have half of what I have let alone a roof to sleep under, and besides the lease is only twelve months then I can move somewhere that is a lot safer.

Perks with this move are cheaper rent which means that I will have extra money to save plus the elimination of a ridiculously expensive cable bill with RCN Chicago because they do not do service in my new neighborhood. With the lack in quality restaurants within the neighborhood it means that I will cook in my apartment versus eating out at restaurants, and with the increase risk of violence in my new area it means that I will be more cautious of going out, plus move with more of a purpose when coming in from work or school in the later evenings.  Prior to my move I found a fitness center that’s half a mile away from my apartment and it just so happened to be thirty-five dollars cheaper than my previous fitness center membership which was a total win. In situations like this it’s better to look at the brighter side of things because dwelling on the negative things will not get you anywhere.    


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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


  1. Good for you and your positive attitude. Just watch your back, which is what we all have to do, no matter where we live. You will be just fine. The apartment looks nice and clean. I hope it will feel more like home soon when you get settled in.

    • Well thanks for bringing that to my awareness. If only they got my views I’d strictly post them, but they don’t. Maybe it’s because of the whole posting as part of the 365 Photo Challenge, but not too many clicks on the sculpture posts. The bummer about it is that I normally go out of my way to take the picture to share.

  2. There are certain parts that look perfect, and certain that are neglected and turn to sh*t. I plan to do another writing on the history of this neighborhood and how it never changed. I love the apartment; it’s amazing, but once I walk out that building door it’s a whole different world.

  3. It is so sad that the place that has the most strict gun laws also has one of the highest rates of shootings. I don’t know what the solutions should be and I hope you are safe and happy in your new home.