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Top world's best breakfasts

Some believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is interesting that in different countries people prepare different breakfasts. Take a look at the list below and see what people eat for breakfast in different countries.

In Portugal, the morning starts with a cup of coffee and croissant.

The French usual in the morning drink coffee with baguette or Croissant. The French like to eat bread with the butter, which is dipped in coffee.

The ordinary English breakfast table we rarely find only a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of orange juice. Traditional English breakfast – fried bacon or sausage, tomatoes or baked beans, eggs, and for sure the toast with jam and plenty of tea, usually with cream.

Danes breakfast consist of toast, butter, soft Danish cheese, sweet jam, and of course, coffee. For the stronger breakfast Danes include boiled eggs, ham, cereals, and muffins. They also love condensed milk product, reminiscent of the yogurt.

Typical Swedish breakfast at home is an open sandwich, which consists of several layers: the fish or sausage, cheese, mayonnaise, and vegetables (cucumber and tomato). Or it can be pancakes.

Traditional Japanese breakfast consists of steamed rice, pickled vegetables, a piece of fish, miso soup and Japanese omelet (tamagoyaki).

Australians simply love sandwiches with Vegemite – dark brown food spread made from yeast extract, flavored with a variety of vegetables and spices. For breakfast, they are also eating a lot of fruit, and sometimes they have just an English breakfast.

Bread with tomato spread is a popular choice for breakfast in Spain. There are also popular eating churros (sweet cakes).

Colombia’s favorite dish of the beginning of the day – AREPA – savory scones made from ground corn, served with seasoned butter or eggs, ham or jam.

Americans for the breakfast are eating muffins, yogurt or slice of toast with peanut cream. Also, they can simply finish yesterday’s dinner residues, such as a cold pizza. Instead of coffee or tea with satisfaction, they will drink a can of energy drink. They also love pancakes.

In Turkey, for breakfast, they eat bread, butter, cheese, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey and kaymak (a milk product). It can also be served sucuk – spicy Turkish sausage and Turkish tea.

Many Italians start a day with a cup of cappuccino or espresso coffee and a bun with a jam or chocolate.

Brazilians are enjoying strong morning coffee and milk, breakfast plates are loaded with ham, cheese, and bread. For the breakfast is also eaten thick meat and bean soup – feijoada.

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  1. In Quebec, our breakfast is more like in France. Coffee with croissant or a pastry of some kind. Sometimes, we will go out for a big breakfast at the resto. That’s more like the “full English” – eggs, pancakes, toast, sausage or ham or bacon, baked beans, tomato slices, sliced fruits such as orange or melon. It’s a really big plate! And of course, served with a strong coffee.

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