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The Joy of Trifles

We love trifles, especially around the holidays. Since they are made in individual sizes. You have some that are child size, some for adults and some  for supersized adults. You can put them in something fancy or just plain jars. Use your imagination.

If you can’t find something that looks good here I am guessing that truffles will never be something you like or want to try! 

There are many more I like. I figure this is a good start.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


  1. Nice looking deserts but then when I’ve made trifles, just used old cakes and jazzed them up with sherry and custard and cream.
    We used to have sponge soaked in sherry and served with custard and cream.
    However, only had it once a year at Christmas.

    They look nice but are not rich for me and my stomach would punish me later.