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One Sweet Spice Used for Breakfast

Things to put Cinnamon on for breakfast


Cinnamon is a great spice that tastes great even on Breakfast food. I like to toast me a piece of bread, then put some real butter on it. Then, sprinkle the toast with sugar and cinnamon. Cinnamon and the first piece of toast in the morning sounds good enough to eat every day.


Coffee is that special beverage in the morning that doesn’t need an introduction. Coffee drinkers know they must without a shadow of a doubt hurry to make their first pot of coffee. Many coffee drinkers do like it black; however, there are coffee drinkers that love a little flavor in this eye opening beverage. A little flavor helps many coffee drinkers savor every delicious drop like it was from a special diner. The one spice I love in my coffee, after I’ve add my milk to it, is cinnamon. I used to drink an international coffee that had cinnamon in it, and that has addicted me ever since. I learned that cinnamon flavors coffee perfectly. Try it you’ll love it, if you love the spice cinnamon.


Many people love to have some type of roll for breakfast. Cinnamon rolls have been a favorite among many for years. Drizzle a little icing over the top of warm cinnamon rolls, and watch all your family members want to eat more at the table, with the whole family.


Oatmeal tastes good with many different flavors on it. Raisins, apples, etc. all sound great. My favorite thing to put on my oatmeal in the morning is cinnamon. This one spice tends to make all foods tastes better. The smell alone makes me feel like starting the day with a smile


I talked about how cinnamon taste great on oatmeal, but it also taste good on the original types of cereals too. Try mixing cinnamon with sugar, and then adding it to your favorite cereal. Your cereal will be almost calling you every morning. You’ll never want to skip your morning cereal again.


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Written by LaJenna

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  1. Never had cinnamon on toast, I make my own jam jellies, recent being guava jelly on toast. I do put cinnamon and sugar together and make my own apple pies. Any pastry, sliced raw apple and add cinnamon & sugar. Pastry on top. Beat egg & milk or golden syrup & milk brush pastry. Prick top with fork. Bake until golden and serve.


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