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Do you love chickpea? Try my recipe.

I love the taste of chickpeas. Both a dish and a starter.

Chickpea (Cicer arietinum), roasted is often referred to as chickpeas or strawberries, in old sources it occurs as a sundae, and a plant of the Bobov family. It is one of the earliest cultures cultivated by man. Chickpea is a shrub reaching a height of up to 50 cm. He is especially warm-blooded, but he is extremely unpretentious. Resistant to any extreme natural conditions – storm and rain, dry and wind. It is currently growing in many places around the world with a warm enough climate, especially in India, Australia, Pakistan, Turkey, Myanmar, Ethiopia and Iran.

Two types of cooking are used: the chickpeas of Indian chickpea are small and wrinkled, and the chickpeas grown in the Mediterranean – which is more common and popular in Europe – are large, round and yellow. In Mexico and India, chickpeas have a major part of the people’s menu.

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  1. Lovely post. Always had it as a vegetable meal, but your dish looks delicious, so there are a lot of things to do with it. I’ve made humus, and fried chick pea fritter, and chick pea stew. All tasted good. So it’s a versatile ingredient. Grateful to see your different dish! May try it.

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