Divcibare Mountain winter resorts, Republic of Serbia

Turks first recorded and named this mountain Divcibare in 1476 and resided here during the next three centuries. The Prince Milso Obrenovic first spotted the beneficial effects of the climate in Divcibara on man’s body and after the Turkey escape Milos Obrenovic has often stayed in this beautiful area.

Today it has become a real tourist place with numerous cottages, getaways on a budget for the old, for children, konak and hotels. During the winter it has a very special significance for tourism and ski resort that is beautifully done. Divcibare is located about 100 kilometres from Belgrade and is mainly visited during spring and autumn periods.

The accommodation for children is known as a Pancevacka rest area with wonderful hotel rooms with pools, cottages, country houses which can be rented.

I went with my family to this wonderful place and we had a great time, and the above photo is a collage of the many I have taken.


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