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Chocolate Cupcakes

Here is a photo of some vegan chocolate cupcakes I made recently. This picture was taken by a professional photographer for my Cookbook, which I am looking to have published. I have a couple of publishers interested but I need to get photos of all the recipes, which is going to be a very long and laborious job! At least we have made a start now though (we photographed 3 of the dishes, including the cupcakes, the other day). They look good, don’t they? I am very pleased with how the photos have come out. So hopefully the momentum will now start to build. Watch this space!

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Written by Maggie Bailey

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    • Thank you Albert. I have been working on this project for a while anyway, years. I am trying to focus on that for the moment, since I can’t seem to do much about other parts of my life. At least this book is something I have control over, and keeps me busy – as you say, it keeps me moving forward. It’s been very tough, and there is still a long way to go, but what motivates me is the thought that if/when I do get it published, it should hopefully open doors for me, improve my life in certain ways, and I will hopefully then be able to make the changes I need. I think it is my only chance of getting out of this bad situation I am in at present. So I’ll keep on keeping on! It makes you very determined when you know you really don’t have many options, that if you give up, everything will just get worse and worse.


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