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Food Choices documentary

Two favorite thoughts from the “Food Choices” documentary:

1. The notion that men hunt all the food for the family and people eat meat for tens of thousands of years is sexist. Anthropologists say that while men hunted, starchy carbohydrates and fruits collected by women and grandparents were the main sources of human nutrition, and the meat was rare and not available to everyone.

2. Just as there is the best diet for dogs, horses, fishes, and other animal species, so is the ONE diet for humans. Anatomically we are the same. Indeed, having some good buddy dietitians are all vegan, but in their work, they compromise on the assumption that people’s needs are different. (I make diet plans with both chicken breast and cheese, otherwise, I would lose half my clients.)

And another thought, mine alone: Netflix, get back my life.

May you also watched this documentary and have some thoughts?

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