Top 10 Summer 2017 Fashion Classics and Tips

Popular color combinations in outfits include wearing blue and black clothes as well as monochromatic blue shades.

When mixing prints, make sure the print size is very small as well as there should be matching colors between different print clothes worn together, similar to monochromatic color with different mixed prints. Just make sure the mixed print pieces have common colors as well as the print sizes should be different, such as one has very large prints while the other clothing has very small prints.

Wear the right styles that flatter your body type by camouflaging worst features while bring out best features.

It is best to try on your jeans in the early morning hour, and make sure they fit snug without being too tight. Wear high heel shoes and makeup with jeans and boho-style blouse.  Instead of jewelry, consider wearing some metallic fake tattoos, which are rub-on tattoos for body decoration.


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