Top 10 Summer 2017 Fashion Classics and Tips

Popular color combinations in outfits include wearing blue and black clothes as well as monochromatic blue shades.

When mixing prints, make sure the print size is very small as well as there should be matching colors between different print clothes worn together, similar to monochromatic color with different mixed prints. Just make sure the mixed print pieces have common colors as well as the print sizes should be different, such as one has very large prints while the other clothing has very small prints.

Wear the right styles that flatter your body type by camouflaging worst features while bring out best features.

It is best to try on your jeans in the early morning hour, and make sure they fit snug without being too tight. Wear high heel shoes and makeup with jeans and boho-style blouse.  Instead of jewelry, consider wearing some metallic fake tattoos, which are rub-on tattoos for body decoration.

Denim pants never really go out of style, but different jeans is usually in style each season. For this summer the Girl Friend Jeans is popular, but this denim pants has the style of the Boy Friend Jeans.

In this IMVU snapshot, my avatar models the Statue of Liberty look in black denim ripped jeans, white sneakers with black stripes, off the shoulder short blouse, and JULY 4th props. 

Note on the crown, the biggest star is red and in the center, symbolizing the Baphomet. Besides her iPhone, she also holds a sparkling firework-like torch to light the way toward the NWO. 

Turquoise and rose shades

Well, my avatar doesn't own turquoise or rose shades. But she has Ray-Ban style sunglasses. She wears it with her denim cap, faded denim ripped BF jeans, white sneakers, and bodice blouse. Since this gift was designed for chubby avatar bodies, she poses in a slimming way, like what most models do anyway, to camouflage her fat ass, big hips, and big thighs. We'll just call it her summer pants because she ate too much ice cream this summer. 

She also has lots of henna tattoos on her hands, along with lots of rings. 


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