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Haute Couture Runway Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I decided to go on Youtube to just check out different videos for fun, and I noticed that I am drawn to art, fashion, politics, and entertainment. Then, I suddenly came across a short haute couture runway video displaying the top fashion trends for autumn and winter 2017.  So, I decided to check it out for fun. I noticed some trends I actually liked, while I need to think twice before considering other trends.

  1. Lingerie looks average, but it is not my style.
  2. Miniskirt suits look cool because I used to dress this way when I was in my twenties. But I wonder if I can still pull it off at my age. I also noticed that these outfits had an edgy urban appearance.
  3. Long asymmetrical dresses with bold floral designs and candy cane striped hosiery. This is interesting, but I wouldn’t wear them together because I think the striped hosiery look too casual for the dress. But the floral dress could be fun if worn with booties or boots and maybe fishnet stockings. The model carries a striped clutch.
  4. Short dresses with corset, as well as very high boots, way longer than thigh-high. Two models look familiar—Gigi Hadid has long chestnut brown hair parted in the middle and Kendall Jenner has long bleached blonde hair with dark roots, also parted in the middle. All three models are wearing soft pastel colored outfits, which appears to be medieval-inspired. Although the colors and textures of these outfits are soft and pretty, the outfits themselves look very gothic.
  5. One shoulder dresses and blouses look like one side is just pulled down, in which I think you can do it with your own clothes and you don’t really need to buy this particular look. I have loose sweaters that have one shoulder falling down on its own, which is annoying, but I guess now I can wear it and appear trendy.
  6. Oversized dresses with a houndstooth print and huge colorful flowers as fun embellishments. This dress actually looks fun, but a little too baggy for me, unless I am pregnant or I just gave birth. The little boxy purse with interesting embellishments looks cute, and I think I am more likely to buy that because it is more practical, the shoes are cute, too, which look like colorful mary-janes. The more I look at these outfits I noticed they have an Alice in Wonderland theme.
  7. Very long knits are cool, and I actually loomed one last year with Youtube videos. I loomed one 68 inches, which is my height. And, I also added fringe on both ends, which I guess made the knit scarf even longer.
  8. Ruffles are added on the ends of short skirts, shorts, blouse collars and sleeves, and worn with thigh-high boots or thigh-high knit socks which also have ruffles on the top end. I actually think this trend is cute, and I can pull it off, although ruffles tend to look kind of youthful.
  9. Black and taupe outfits look quite elegant and sophisticated, and I am likely to buy something like these outfits.
  10. Midi-length capes also look elegant and traditional. I used to have a short plaid cape with a matching flat cap when I was a kid. Actually, some of the capes look goth, but capes are still and fun, and I already two short ones—one short dressy black one and one knit casual one in orange.
  11. Lacy and sheer dresses in burgundy look pretty but gothic. I love the color burgundy, but the overall style, not the color, is just too dark for me.
  12. Long midi-length coats are cool, and I could wear one, but I am not sure it is practical for Southern California living. It especially looks nice with a midi-length and elegant dress or skirt.
  13. Lot of bob styles with bangs on the runway, especially with baby bangs.


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