The most viewed rapper on YouTube is Russian?!

Ever since the movie “8 Mile” was released fifteen years ago in 2002, the concept of battle rap has grown by leaps and bounds. Battle rap is a genre of hip-hop in which one persons raps against another person in order to determine who can put words together better in a pattern of rhyme.

After the beginning of YouTube, many people all over the world created rap battle leagues that were recorded for people to see on video. However, the most YouTube views have been secured rather easily by the Versus battle league in Russia.

Versus Battle League started about four years ago and started to become popular rather quickly. Unknown rappers from Russia began to obtain thousands of views because battle rap began to spread throughout the country of Russia. However, the league has now reached monumental levels after a well known Russian rapper named Oxxxymiron began to battle in the league.

His most recent rap battle was posted last month, and it has now reached over 23 million views. Think about how crazy that really is because his last battle has YouTube pop-up ads popping up every two minutes on a video that lasts one hour and four minutes.

Although all of his battles have been in Russian, he has decided to drop his first English battle against Dizaster, one of the best American battle rappers in Los Angeles in October.  Although many think that Oxxxymiron will be at a huge disadvantage since he speaks Russian, he also can speak fluid English since he has graduated from Oxford with a degree in Middle English literature.  Now, you have another proof that the world has gone crazy because the most viewed battle rapper on YouTube is Russian.


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