Idiocracy movie review

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I turned on my computer to check on stuff before I continue to work on my graphic novel. I had turned on the TV for background stories from an indie channel. Idiocracy movie comes on, and it looks entertaining. So, I often watched while I was typing. It appears to be another of those films that the media pushes certain N.W.O. topics in people’s face, probably to desensitize them to their doomed future so that they accept the agenda.

This 2006 movie stars Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, and Dax Shepard. Two soldiers agree to be in some government experiment that takes them on some time travel journey. He awakens to a dystopian society, 500 years later, where everyone is retarded. They give him a bar code tattoo so he can pay for his medication and stuff, which reminds me of the videos about microchips and similar tattoos to brand people with the mark of 666. The funny part in this scene is when he was mumbling with the computer to get his information for the tattoo, and the computer picks up “Not Sure” as his name, in which gives him a new identity.

As I watch, I remember that is similar to Walt Disney when he died. He had asked to be frozen so that he would awaken when the New World Order would start, in which I think is quite creepy, mental, and twisted. Remember, Walt Disney was a Zionist, and he was a part of all the N.W.O. agenda. Toward the end of the movie, the main character, played by Luke Wilson, was sitting in some slow kiddy amusement park ride, which reminded me of the Disneyland ride of Tomorrowland.

Another funny part of the movie is the people’s names. Most of these people of the future will be named after brand names, such as Frito, Mountain Dew, Lexus, Beef Supreme, Scarface, Brawndo, The Hangman BMW, Upgrayedd, etc.

Just look at the title, Idiocracy, which is defined as “form of government in which a country or territory is run by fools.” We are already living under this state of idiocracy because the media, politics, business, and Illuminati are all bunch of Zionist fools trying to control everyone as their mindless slaves, and these movies are all predictive MK-Ultra mind control programming to desensitize the public into a future of stupidity.

Well, anyway, it was an entertaining film, making fun of demented political ideas, such as Zionism.

I found the full movie on Youtube so you can check it out for fun. It is funny, as it predicts what will likely happen in the future, in which I feel, most of the predictions, unfortunately, have come true. Enjoy the movie!


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