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New Fred and Ed story…

I am sharing an embedded link to my podcast, and in particular to a new Fred and Ed Story. I started telling Fred and Ed stories more than 30 years ago as a teacher. Every day after lunch, when the kids were wound up and bouncing, I would sit them down and tell tales of twins, Fred and Ed. The twins were a bit wild, and the stories over the years told many wonderful memories of both children and childhood!

When I first told the stories, I didn’t have names for the mother or father of the boys. I added those names later when I began podcasting the stories. The name Ned, for the boy’s father, is a name selected to honor my dear friend Ned Criddle. Ned was an amazing person who passed away far too young not even 35 when he died in 1995. I miss him.

Alice is a name selected to honor a former teacher I worked with who was an amazing person.

The funny thing about these stories is when I started telling them I did not personally have twins. I do now, so many of the newer stories (I told around 30 originally and have added a few since I left teaching, and life presented me with twins.)

Anyway, I share Fred and Ed stories from time to time on my podcast. Let me know what you think!


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