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Movie Review Guardians of the Galaxy

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I have been posting and sharing movie reviews for a long time.  My scale is simple if I rate a movie as a theater release than it was over the initial hurdle. (are you willing to spend 30 bucks or more to go). From there has a five-point rating system.

  • 5 is an amazing must go to move
  • 4 is a great movie, one you will remember but well not as good as a 5
  • 3 is an Ok movie, but not one that you have to see right away
  • 2 is a renter, don’t spend the movie at the theater
  • 1 is a don’t bother, the movie isn’t worth it!

I give Guardians of the Galaxy (the original) a 5 out of 5.

The movie has great action, comedy and the soundtrack made me sing along in the movie theater. That made my sons move away from me in the theater and sit by themselves.

Overall the movie has a great theme (Friendship) and introduces the characters well. I never read the comic book so for me, this was a new universe to see and wonder about. The actors for the movie were well chosen and overall it remains on my list of exceptional movies. The second one is now out, I will review that one next!

Overall this is a must see movie!


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