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The Jerusalem Magic Candy Shop #1 Moshe Rabbainu Mocha Munchie

If you go to Jerusalem, you might find this Candy Shop. Well, not really, it is a book! I wrote this book to entertain and teach about Jewish History.  I am an on-line English teacher and I teach children all over the world, from China, France, Germany, and Belgium and more.

The kids love the Magic Tree House series. I know about 10 of them by heart already. I always have stories running in my head, and so I since Amazon had a writing contest last year, I got busy and wrote this book.

I didn’t win the contest, but I had fun writing the book!  Now I can really say that I am a published author!

This is my first chapter book. Moshe – is Moses in Hebrew and the story tells about two kids who help save Moshe when he was a baby.

The story is mostly mine, with some help from the Bible.

I hope that you enjoy it!


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    • The background was a real shop in Jerusalem on Jaffa street, and then a friend photoshopped the candy inside. I wrote the book in a week. It was like seeing a movie inside my head and I had to keep my fingers typing very fast to find out what would happen next. I hope that my next book is as fun to write.