The Legend of Dollaretta – Characters

These are the main characters of my comic book series: The Legend of Dollaretta

They are all students at Elizabeth Rose Convent and it is them who begin to unravel the centuries-old mystery of what exactly has been haunting their boarding school for so many generations.

#1 Alek


Aleksi (Alek/Alex to his friends) is an 18 year old mortal vampire in the 12th grade. He is the son of Nadia and Dominik Belikov. He is 1.8m tall, has black-brown hair, and his mother's green eyes. Alek had been at Elizabeth Rose Convent for his entire high school career, but felt as though he had been neglected by his parents his entire life. He had always been a troubled child, but after being forced to enrol at the convent, he managed to find friends that actually cared about him and he met a girl named Rain, whom he had fallen in love with at first sight. All is shattered when his mother is in a fatal car crash. The medics were only officially able to save his aunt, Mariya and her daughter, his cousin, Demi. After that day Alek's mother, Nadia was lost to him, and the weight of the trauma was weighing heavily on his once balanced psyche.

#2 Angel


Angelica (Angel) is a 16 year old mortal vampire in the 11th grade. She is 1.65m tall, with burgundy-dyed hair and hazel-green eyes. She is privileged and well groomed. She is always smiling and enjoying life, never failing to live in the moment. Those who know Angel personally know that she has no long term aspirations for life, and fails to (or chooses not to) acknowledge any obstacles that the future might bring. In a somewhat psychopathic light, she is also unable to feel a basic level of human compassion and has the natural ability to detach herself from serious situations that might cause harm to her, or to others. She appears to mean well, but her naive and negligent nature may lead her down a dangerous path.

#3 Demi


Demiece (Demi) is a 16 year old female mortal vampire. She is 1.57m tall, has short black hair and grey eyes. Demi's affinity for playing the piano from the tender age of 4 inspired her parents to have her home-schooled, and privately and diligently tutored in music. Even before the isolation of home-schooling Demi was socially challenged. She grew up to be a strong-willed atheist, a loner and a pessimist. After Demi survived a car accident that took a beloved family member's life, she has been in a state of limbo. Circumstances of the accident left her distressed and unable to properly mourn her loss, and thus unable to cope. A 'psychotic relapse' had her diagnosed with PTSD. After realizing she was on the brink of being permanently institutionalised, she chose to contain her emotions and force herself to act normally. She was sent to Elizabeth Rose Convent to 'recuperate' and 'heal,' where she is a boarder alongside her cousin, Aleksi.

#4 June


June is a 17 year old mortal vampire in the 11th grade. She is 1.75m tall with brown hair and brown eyes. June started Ballet when she was 3 years old, and has since excelled in gymnastics, contemporary and modern dancing. June is from a wealthy and prestigious family whose members are achieving academics, professors with PHDs and doctrates. June has no interest in any such qualification. She intends to become a world class pre-madonna. Travelling the world and dancing. June is insensitive, outspoken and rude, and only cares for her closest friends.

#5 Kea


Keamo (Kea) is a 16 year old mortal vampire in the 11th Grade. She is 1.87m tall and has black-brown hair with brown eyes. Kea is friendly and outgoing. She seldom allows her mood to be affected by trivial things, and almost never becomes angry. She is, however, deeply annoyed by anyone who is overly pitiful and feels sorry for them self. Kea is intuitive and optimistic. She isn't as brave as she lets other believe, and she is far more curious than she'll ever admit.

#6 Rain


Lorain (Rain) is a 17 year old vampire in the 11th grade. She is 1.55m tall and has blonde hair and blue eyes. Rain is an eccentric artist with a flair for the dramatic. She often uses jokes and theatrics to mask her emotions, but also just to paint the silence when she's simply bored. Rain's time at the convent was largely shaped by her relationship with Alek, who she started dating not long after being enrolled. Rain is deeply emotional, but often expresses herself in a way that causes others to not take her seriously, even when she needs them too.

#7 Sebastian


Sebastian is an 18 year old vampire in the 12th grade. He is 1.9m tall and has brown hair and eyes. Sebastian is head boy of the student body. He is a fair and hard working individual who thrives off of helping others. When he is unable to help, or if he is even the cause of further distress he can become emotionally disturbed. He has a heavy conscience. While he is very social and cares deeply for his friends, he is not prone to emotional and romantic attachment.

#8 Sven


Sven is the younger half-brother of Sebastian, and he is a 17 year old mortal vampire in the 11th grade. He is 1.75m tall with light brown hair and green eyes. Sven is an indifferent individual who is seldom phased by anything. Sven genuinely believes that his apathetic nature is his best quality. He is emotionally dormant and has no desire to build relationships with his peers. He does enjoy social circumstances as he finds people to be very entertaining. He does consider some of these 'entertaining' people to be friends.

#9 Tim


Timothy (Tim) is a 16 year old vampire in the 11th grade. Tim 1.7m tall and has blonde hair and brown eyes. Tim is friendly, out-going and adores people. Many of his friends from the convent he has known since childhood, and so he has strong bonds with them. Tim is a loyal friend, and although he disregards the rules, he believes he will never do so in such a way that would cause anybody any real harm. The problem with Tim is that his perception of right and wrong does not always fall in line with that of everybody else.


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