Early Reader Books: Curious George’s ABC

Sometimes it can be very difficult to choose books for toddlers or young readers. It is even harder in countries where English is not spoken as first language and you wish to give your child a good start.

I hope my Early Reader Books Series will help parents in choosing the right books for their young children. These recommendations are based on books my own five year old daughter is reading successfully nowadays.

As new English books are quite expensive, it is best to join a library, buy them from old book shops or start a book club with other parents.

It is also important to remember that children vary in their ability to grasp and read new words so parents and teachers must be patient. The most important thing is to surround children with colourful and engaging books.

With Curious George’s ABC, young readers can learn the alphabets along with the cute monkey. With colourful illustrations, the book does not let the children get bored or distracted. Based on the pictures, encourage the children to create their own stories or express their feelings.

Make reading fun!


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Written by Dawnwriter