Find the Difference Games

Welcome to the Find the Difference Game!!

 The rules are easy. I will post two photographs taken by me. The first photograph is the original, the second photograph is my edited version. I have taken out and added some things to this photo, can you find the differences? 

There are at least 10 differences, comment below, but remember not to look at others comments until you have finished! 

The original:

And the edited version:

Have fun and if you would like more games like this check out my hashtag #kimgames 

Enjoy.. I will post the answers on Sunday 19th! 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Stuck on 9 again! You’re getting smart now, adding things in as well as taking them out 🙂 Here’s my list:
    1. Sexsmith’s > Sex with
    2. Market > Mark
    3. 4 people’s heads inside left door
    4. Racecar 18 > 1
    5. Child under window on right
    6. Weighing scales under M of Market
    7. Shape of shadow on screen under ET of Market
    8. Animal above small car
    9. Hole in screen on right-most window
    10. ?

  2. 1. Letter changed at top
    2. No heads on three people on left
    3. No 8 on bottom car
    4. No circle on bottom in the middle of wall (not sure what it’s called)
    5. No boy on far right
    6. No horse
    7. Something missing from bottom right window
    8. Something missing from window under word Mark
    9. Yellow lamp missing in the middle above cars
    10. Small yellow object missing below lamps


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