The answers to Saturday's Find the Difference Game

Do you ever get confused and not know what day it is? I posted yesterdays games answers today, a day early! 

Now for what I was supposed to post for today, the answers to Saturday’s Game. Grins.. 

There were 18 total differences made to the original photo. 

I will post the answers on the original below: NOTE The red boxes mean this is missing. The blue circles mean something was added, and the green triangles mean something has been changed. 

Recap:  Missing objects –

1. Light on top of building.

2. Corner of building is gone.

3. Real weed is missing. 

4. The couple in the doorway is gone.

5. White horse rider is missing his foot. 

6. 2nd Brown horse is missing front legs.

7. White horse has no eye.

8. 2nd Brown horse is missing his head.

9. Girl on top of mans shoulders is also missing her head.

10. Hubcap is missing.

11. Ladder is missing.

12. House with blue trim is missing.

Added objects – 

1. The man beside the Balloon guy is holding a picture of Meika, my wolfdog.

2. Meika is added beside the Collie Dog.

3. A two headed Collie dog is added beside Meika.

4. The white horse has five legs.

Changed objects – 

1. The Dalmatian Dog is now white with a missing tail and ear. 

2. The phone number is changed. 

Here are the answers on the edited version so you can see what I did..

I would like to thank both @caroldm and @alibb for your participation, you two did great!!!

For the most recent Spot the Difference games check out my hashtag #kimgames 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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