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Boats Out of Water – the 300 Ton Marine Lift In Action

Port Townsend Boatyard 

The boatyard in Port Townsend, Washington has a tradition of building, maintaining, repairing, and restoring wooden boats. The town has a tradition of woodworking in general and the boatyard’s history with wooden boats is a big part of Port Townsend’s identity. Boats are pulled out of the water for repairs and painting and return when the maintenance is finished. It is always changing and favors frequent visits.

I told Doc that I would try to film the 300 ton marine lift in action. So when I got a call this morning I grabbed the camera and went down there. In the lift, freshly plucked from the water, is the ‘Merrie Ellen’ from Pleasant Harbor, Washington. I was told that the ‘Merrie Ellen’ weighs in at 160 tons. This is raw footage. I didn’t use a tripod and the sound is natural machinery; but, this is a nice bit of film on a ‘Kodachrome day’. I hope you enjoy this installment from ‘Boats Out of Water’.

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