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Blog: Excited for NXT Takeover WarGames Chicago

So excited for my very first World Wrestling Entertainment – NXT Takeover event at Allstate Arena this weekend. WWE will be in Chicagoland from Friday to Monday: SmackDown, NXT Takeover WarGames, Survivor Series, and Monday Night Raw. I am also excited to get another break from work because typically I end up working on my scheduled days off due to call offs. I have took notice of how bitter I’am when I do not get time off which has led me to either not responding to phone calls from my job, or planning things specifically on my days off. I took a short break this week from sharing posts on Virily, but anticipate sharing pictures next week from NXT Takeover WarGames this weekend.

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    • It was a nice event! I actually enjoyed all of the matchups. It was the first WWE event where I stayed through the entire event. You can also give the assist to me booking a hotel near Allstate Arena. Best believe I will be at the next event.

        • Oh, I’am not worried about that. I’am just happy that they didn’t get shut out. Iowa most likely did their research, plus, playing in Iowa City is tough. Teams like Ohio State have showed up there and got their asses handed in the past. Proud of my boys this season. I just hope that we improve next season. You’ll be surprised, but most of us Illini fans are satisfied with just a bowl appearance.

          • When we had Lee Corso we went to 3 bowls in 5 years. We thought we were going to become a football power. Then Mallory took is to 5 bowls in 9 years.

            we have been to 2 in the 25 years since then.

        • Seems like such a hard sell when it comes to schools like Indiana, Illinois, and Purdue. Crazy that Notre Dame seems to have better luck than Purdue and Indiana, even though they always piss on their season and technically haven’t won anything major since 2012. Maybe we need to wear gold helmets, lol. I always thought Purdue had sweet looking colors, other than Illinois orange and blue mix which happens to be my favorite colors.

          • i often wonder. Purdue beats IU in basketball, the only big ten school with a winning record against IU, but has never won an NCAA Men’s title.

            IU has more Soccer championships (11) than the rest of the big combined.
            Iowa has more national championships in wrestling (penn state is a close second).

            its funny

        • That is pretty crazy! And funny that you never hear anything about Iowa basketball in comparison to the other Big Ten schools. Now you add Nebraska in the mix which makes them not at the bottom of the Big Ten when it comes to basketball.