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Hello fans & friends, how you all doing? I hope everyone is staying healthy. ME on the other hand is trying to battle this cold I’ve had for a week now but don’t worry I’ll get through this one way or another come hail or snow.

I’ve always been one that dose for herself without asking for help or taking the easy way out & having someone else do it for me no matter what I do I think that’s the only way you can learn to make in this crazy world today.

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So when ever I come up with a idea or thought I vision it & think it out &9 out of 10 I’m looking to see if what I’m thinking will work or be worth the effort it takes to make it work or what will it take to see it through.

I happen to be in a thrift store one day just browsing around & I came up to a certain rack of clothes & one of them just struck my attention out of the blue, like a radar was beaming on me, so I stood back looked at it & I thought HUM? then a vision hit me up side my head like a rocket POW.

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So I went & bought me a few of the items on the rack took them home & reallygot to thinking about JUST what I could do with them & again the same IdeaI had in the store hit me again, so I checked out online to see what I could find & well yeah other people WERE making them BUT not like I was thinking about.

I got to thinking about how cool it was to start making this project & how it could be SO awesome if it TOOK OFF like a ROCKET just like the Idea had hit me like a rocket in the store, have you ever had that happen to you? :>}

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Anyway, so the more I thought about it the more I got enthused about it all & the more my thoughts went over board with the whole idea I couldn’t get it put of my head I was thinking of things that was just BOOMING left & right. I got where I would go to bed but my mind was just racing so hard over it all I couldn’t go to sleep & so I’d have to get up cause I would just toss & turn so I got online & looked up all the videos I could find about this project & NOT 1 of the videos I watched had ANYTHING I wanted to know on it. :>{

So like I said that only MEANT 1 thing, NO ONE was into what I was thinking so I got to thinking if NO one is doing this then why can’t I START doing it? & it will be MY own idea & it JUST might take me where I want to go with it. I found a few videos on the IDEA but not MY idea that I had come up with as in HOW to make this one project & now that I have checked out all I could with it I decided to go with it & make as many as I could make .

Now I guess your DYING to know just HOW my idea is different right? Well I can tell you this, that it’s a WHOLE lot faster & easier to make than what you see on videos I can sure tell you that & I LOVE the idea. I know this sounds like what’s the BIG deal right? but to me it is cause I never thought about it till I was in the thrift store that day browsing &it just came into my head & I’m ALWAYS looking for ideas to make. Here’s a video I made to just give you a Idea of everything I’ve come up with so far, since I have made the cabin into a little place for me to work in & pretty much MY home where I can have NY space in.

Well that’s my story of a DIY, I hope you enjoyed it & this may not be the LAST video I make on this but right now it’s one I did that has everything I’m doing being I still have a lot of work to get done yet to make it my place.

Thank you for hanging out with me on here, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you all on here & hope to have a lot more to share with each other along the way as I have a lot more to do yet before I’m up & running good.


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    • Thank you I don’t claim to be a pro at anything I do but I DO try.
      I have some other stuff I’m trying to get the stuff for to make but right now
      I got to get the money I need to get it & then I’ll get THEM started up to make.

    • you very welcome it was my pleasure, sometimes it helps to think
      outside the box a little to make something your own to make stuff
      happen, we don’t have to be like everyone on what “they” are doing
      it’s good to put your OWN spin on something you have SEEN done.

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