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Your home is a reflection of who you are. It shows your aesthetic sense and how organized you are. Psychologists are of the view that the more peaceful you are, the more organized and neat your house looks. Similarly, a disorganized and untidy home disturbs you psychologically leading to stress and frustration. You cannot straighten out your thought process in a cluttered surrounding. Hence it is important to have a pleasant environment to have a better lifestyle in so many ways.

Here are a few tips for you to organize and decorate your home, giving it a more pleasant outlook and enjoying a calmer surrounding.

  • Plantation

Plants are a great way to add some freshness around. You can use plenty of indoor plants as well as some outdoor ones at your entrance. Remember, your entrance is the first impression that everyone gets of your home, so never ignore it. Making it presentable is just as important as inside of the house.

  • Bookshelves

Bookshelves add so much of color and style to your surroundings. There are a plenty of designs and options to have bookshelves. Get them in your living room or in the bedroom, hanging it at the center of the wall or placing at a corner of a room, these look good anywhere and in any way.

  • DIY Projects

It’s the age of recycling and the DIY projects. The Internet is so full of ideas to reuse the seemingly waste items at your homes. Use these ideas and put your creativity skills to add some fun to your home.

  • Photo frames and collages

Collages of photo frames add life and drama to those boring naked walls. Treat the eyes of your visitors with the nicely placed photos on your walls. You can also theme your rooms and walls with these frames, like the pictures of famous quotes framed can be used in your personal libraries or your bedrooms. Use these quoted frames to reflect who you are.

  • Cushions and accessories

Multi-color cushions can instantly lift the look of your same old couch and chairs. Play around wisely with the placement of these cushions. Antique pieces of decoration and other accessories like mirrors also provide you an opportunity to change the look and feel of your surrounding completely.

  • Using the sunlight smartly

Natural light if used properly can potentially bring a whole new feel into a room. Identify the points from where the sunlight comes in the best and use this space to make the most of this light. Make sure that the furniture faces this light rather than blocking it. It is these minor details that change the entire way of how things look in a room.

  • Playing with curtains

Curtains give you a wide margin to play around with. Just changing your curtains can change the look of a room. Make sure that the right kind of curtains are used in the right place in your home. This means that the curtains you use in your living room cannot be there in a kid’s room. These must be suited to where you are going to hang them.

  • Adding textures 

Textures are trending and bring a refined look. From walls to the furniture, there are a lot of places where you can optimize the look by using textures. From high-end leathers to furs and velvets, there is a wide variety of textures that people are using these days to give a more modern touch to their homes.

  • Dim lights

Dim lights look classy and never go out of fashion. Your simple furniture and setting can look stylish and trendy in the dim lights. Just as photographs can be changed entirely with the change of lighting effect, same goes for live effect as well.

  • Keeping it minimal

The most basic rule in home décor that must be kept in mind is that less is more. You must stick to the rule of keeping it minimal while you re-do your house.

These simple tips not only optimize the overall look of your home but are beneficial if you plan to sell your house or rent out your property. Better décor will lead to better pictures for advertising your property and selling it faster.


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  1. I see you have written your first post and earned a start. Good for you. I love curtains and light and use them to regulate the temperature in my home by opening curtains to make the house warmer and closing them to keep from overheating. Because I don’t like being in a dark room I have found that sheer curtains not only keep people from the outside from seeing in, but they let me see the sunshine without making the house too hot.

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