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My Wish Book

I never remember a time when I didn’t have a specific wishbook. I assume my Mom began them and my journals about the same time. It was when I turned three. My wish books progressed as I got older and I cherish them. They taught me to dream big and then realize the work that had to be done and make the most important choices.

This morning my Bro asked me if I still had a wish book. I smiled and said “I still have an active wish book and I have never gotten rid of any of mine. There are on my bookshelf and I read them often. Why?”

“I think I want to make a wish book where I write what I wish for you. Would that be something you would find useful?”

I burst into happy tears and said “Yes, I am sure that would be an amazing addition to my bookshelf.

It made me think of the wide vairety of wish books I actually have. I even have a virily wish book!

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  1. in the book writing the Australian crawl, the concept of a journal was presented similar but not quite the same as this one.

    I like the idea, would really love to know more.

    • My family used wish books as a guiding factor if something was simply a “day dream” that will never happen, or a wish that turns into an attainable goal. My mother was a firm believer that both of those things are an “important” part of a full life. We spent hours working on the seeing how our dreams and desires changed and what values changed. It is a whole different form of journaling.

  2. My daughter Stacy always writes a wish list for what she would like for Christmas. She knows she will not get everything cause her wish list is long lol.