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Photographic Work for the end of the year

At the end of the year, I prepare calendars for gifts. I have Wall calendars and Desk top calendars for next year, 2019. Also produce a note book and holiday cards.

So here they are, most calendars are given as gifts and I sell a few. I would like to sell more but we do what we can in a very busy life. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. Awesome Pam. I want to apologize as I realized today that I hadn’t commented or read your posts in more than two months. For some reason, you don’t appear in my current Virily post timeline.

    Sorry I missed so many posts!

    • Thanks Lado, I have used a company called “Vistaprint” for years, they have a range of products.
      I used to sell some of my calendars to some of my clients for work, but then the company brought in a law where I was not allowed to do that saying that clients would be pressurised to buy. In my case, it was not true but may be of others.
      So I don’t get so many people buying, this year I may.

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