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Photographic Work for the end of the year

At the end of the year, I prepare calendars for gifts. I have Wall calendars and Desk top calendars for next year, 2019. Also produce a note book and holiday cards.

So here they are, most calendars are given as gifts and I sell a few. I would like to sell more but we do what we can in a very busy life. 

Wall Calendars

Four different types, New Zealand birds,  Wall type with numbers on calendar that can easily have enough space to put appointments and events on,

Natural New Zealand

Inspirational New Zealand

Scenic New Zealand.

All photos are what I have taken with the areas I can go to driving within a day of where I live. All my own photos.

Desk top Calendars.

These can sit on your desk and don't take a lot of space, the same photos as the other type of calendars.

All these calendars have 12 photos for each month on them, that is Desk top and Wall Calendars

Note Book

I just did this for myself. I will put inspirational quotes as ideas of something that can lift a persons day - feel good quotes giving hope.

Holiday Cards

One picture 5" x 7" Holiday card. Left blank. I can put any type of photo on a Holiday card.

I can also make mugs, mouse pads and other types of products using my own photos.

Simple and easy gifts for Christmas or Birthdays or special occasions.

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    • Thanks Lado, I have used a company called “Vistaprint” for years, they have a range of products.
      I used to sell some of my calendars to some of my clients for work, but then the company brought in a law where I was not allowed to do that saying that clients would be pressurised to buy. In my case, it was not true but may be of others.
      So I don’t get so many people buying, this year I may.

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