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Paper houses

Did I mention that my passion is making paper mache dollhouses? I surely did. Well, it’s something I am very proud of. It may come as a surprise, but I got all inspiration in my dreams. Usually, a need to make a house occupies my mind for a while until it is formed in exact shape and style in my mind, so I can start as soon as I get up. Then, I start searching for the right material for my dream dollhouse.

#1 Haunted House

The exterior of Halloween themed haunted ghost dollhouse. 

#2 The entrance of the Haunted House

The whole exterior part of the house is painted in original style that resembles on old Victorian style.

#3 Ghosts

Old drapes and crooked coffee table emphasize spooky atmosphere of the house. Jack-o-lantern and 3 ghosts are the only residents here.

#4 Somebody’s watching….

Don't look, but I think it's alive and aware of your presence.

#5 The cabin

This one is made to resemble on wooden cabins. It's mad of cardboard, paper and paper towels and decorated with some moss and dry grass.  

#6 The Interior

Furniture is made of twigs and fabric, rugs are made of an old sweater and a plant is made of fussed plastic bags.

#7 Santa’s Cabin

One of my first and definitely my favorite is this Santa's cabin. It is so detailed, because I've made it as a New Year's present for my nephews. This is exterior part. You can see snow made of paper tissues and icicles made of plastic bottles on the roof. 

#8 Santa’s Armchair

Would you like to rest in here? I suppose Santa would, so I made a perfect corner for his tired back. The fire in the fireplace is waiting to warm his frozen feet. Still there's plenty of time till Santa's arrival. 

#9 Interior- the other corner

Everything is ready for the Christmas. Mrs. Clause put her best table cloth on a table and went to a kitchen to bring the plates. She put presents under the Christmas three but didn't forget to hang a stocking for her Christmas gift.

#10 The Magic Mushroom Fairy House

In fact, this is a lamp. Not any lamp, but nursery fairy light lamp to provide sweet dreams for a newborn. Still, the interior is hollow so a child can use it as a dollhouse. There is a chandelier inside and the floor is cover with moss. 

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