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if I only had a big enough space.

Howdy Ya’ll hows it going? yeah you have heard someone maybe even yourself say that at one time or an other well anyway that’s where I am with our place, we’re in the woods & on a slope & well I have a slope that’s going the WRONG way & what I mean is I have a downward slope where I’m in a RIVEN so to level it UP where I need to isn’t going to be CHEAP! so I NEED to raise the slop up to like 5-6 ft AT LEST so why not rail road ties right?

With some ingenuity create something that would be a peace of sanity that only FEW get in life on a budget & right in their very yard by their very hands & LOVE every minute of it till the job is complete & you get the benefits from all the work & money it takes to  rest in a peaceful setting done by your hands & back bone it’s a feeling that you will never forget, cause you know what? I’m one that’s been there & done that & loved it.

When I was like 30 yrs younger & energetic like all get out, I was hard to keep up with in the work I have done in the places we’ve lived B-4 we got to this house on a hill kind of living in the woods of Indiana from living in Fla 30 yrs & before that Calif so flat lands & open land my nick name was digger cause I was always digging :>} if it wasn’t a fire bit  it was digging a pool/pond up to get started I loved the results of hard work & dedication.

So what this person done has me just AW MAN that’s awesome I love ponds & fish & water & creativity off the top of our heads cause that’s the BEST way to do things you never thought you could, so yeah that’s what it takes in life to make things happen just get on it & kick some – how is it said if you can dream it you can make it happen? well OOPS that’s a bad saying cause now days it takes everything you own to get by to be @ peace.

This guy did a AWESOME job in his yard with just what space he had to work with & what he did will make you like YEAH that’s what I’m talking about the sound of water & a garden around you is like the heaven god want’s us to have b-4 our time is too late as in get a taste of the easy living & peacefulness of what’s in store for you when we reach our time from this earth what better way to enjoy life than to have a awesome pond?

If you love a nice place to relax then stay tuned cause what I have for you is OUT of this WORLD so please stick around if you enjoy the feeling of just checking out some COOL ponds & yards with awesome decks & porches & just think of the endless ideas you could come up with if it was your place to call home for ever.

Imagine sitting there having tea, with friends & or family & everyone could pet & feed the fish O M G I would be so entranced in just watching them swim with easy is awesome & the colors, hum give me goose bumps just thinking about it, I use to have a pond in Fla I dug out myself & didn’t have no computer for me to help me out.

it wasn’t a very BIG pond but it was a project that made me feel good about myself that I stated & FINISHED it was a pond I’d never seen & I just happen to get lucky & had a friend that had a rubber pond she gave me it was a 4 ft deep by 8 ft round pond & I also got 2 cattle tanks for ponds too oval shaped cattle tanks & wow, I got them home cleaned them up & put it in a 30 by 30 ft area to build in (it was a old dog pen) it was WORK.

But anyway yeah being those were the days 30 yrs ago now it’s like man I wish I could have me a get away place & just listen to the sounds of nature where everything is fruitful & at peace that’s LIVING with nature through & through so with all that said here’s a great time at the pond if only you could touch them :>{

Well my friends I hope you enjoyed this one cause I know I sure did but I got to go to bed I’ve been busy on some heavy stuff & my back is killing me right now & I’m tired I hate to leave but my old body needs a rest so you giys have a great day or evening relaxing here with another video you all take care catch ya later gator.


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