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DIY Christmas Decorations

I was looking at some old albums on my FB page, when I came to Christmas ornaments and decorations I’ve made some five years ago. Although I improved my work till now, I am kind of emotional when it comes to my first pieces. At least, the idea was good but it turned as it turned…. 😀

#1 Cardboard Ornaments

Those are the easiest to make. Cat a piece of thicker cardboard in any shape you want and decoupage it, or just stick a picture from a magazine. Then, spread over the surface a lot of glitter, or stick some fake zircons, or pearls, to give it a festive look.

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#2 The Winter Is Coming

Here are some more motifs.....

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#3 Shapes

...... and more shape ideas.

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#4 Modeling Mass Ornaments

These are for a bit more difficult to make. All you need is any kind of modeling mass, or a simple dough made of flour, salt and water. roll it with a simple kitchen roll pin and cut using dough cutters. Shapes are optional. It depends on mass you decided to use whether you'll bake it or air dry. When that step is finished, decoupage your ornaments, pain them, or put some stickers. And again- don't forget to make them shinny. 😀

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#5 Cupcakes! 🙂

If you have no much time for preparing, here's an idea that could save your life. I'm kidding, but these cupcakes are suitable for any occasion, not only for Christmas. Just glue some cotton balls, or toy stuffing balls into cupcake papers and decorate them with pearls and sprinkles. And warn your guests not to eat them. 😀

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    • One wintry day, my daughter came from school with damaged jacket. A sleeve was torn and stuffing emerged. She was crying and I tried to comfort her: “It’s not ruined. We’ll make something wonderful out of it.” Then, I had to make it true. Looked around the house for some trinkets I could use and saw some cupcake paper…….. 🙂

#6 Santa’s Clothesline

Another easy to make decoration is Santa's Clothesline. Cut any red thick fabric, like denim, or cloth kepper fabric into shapes of Santa's jacket, pants and cap. Optionally, you can cut a pair of boxer shorts out of some silk, or cut a top from the finger of a woolen glove. Again, use some toy stuffing to imitate fur on Santa's clothes.

Slippers are made of thick box cardboard and covered with soft red fabric. Any old T-shirt would do. Since those are Mrs. Clause slippers, they are decorated with tiny pearls.   

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#7 Snowmen In Boxes

Don't try this at home! I'm serious, don't. Too much work and everything in every moment can piss you off. These boxes are from matches, hats are made of buttons and broomsticks are halves of toothpicks, so you see what I am talking about. Everything is so tiny that I made them once and never again.  

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#8 Kids Were Playing…

My students made those. ? I'm sure you will nail them.

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#9 More Lights

Cut a glass bottle (or use a glass jar, instead) and make drawings using hot glue gun. Paint the surface, over the hardened hot glue. Don't forget to leave some parts (like eyes, mouth, stars or any other desired shape) unpainted so light could emerge through them.  

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#10 Wooden Stars

Those stars are pretty easy to make. All you need is few dozens of wooden sticks, like ice pop sticks, or you can even use toothpicks. Glue them to form a star and decoupage them or paint. Mine are spray painted in gold, but when I pictured them, golden color vanished, somehow. Decorate the surface with whatever makes you happy.

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What do you think?

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