What is a teacher?

A teacher is a person who cares about children, teenagers and even adults.  Teachers are the people who teach us how to read and then read to learn.  I learned this phrase in one of my undergraduate education courses.  Teachers are suppose to work with us to teach us the basics and work with our interests to the best of their abilities.  What I remember from my elementary and even secondary teachers is that they did care and were creative in what they taught.  I do know that there is only a few ways to teach the basics, but the teachers I remember did care about the students under their care.

Teaching and education are suppose be the same, but they are two ideas that are different.  Here in my words how these ideas are not the same.  Teaching is the act of showing and experiencing activities that teach what we need to know to survive in the world outside the classroom.  Education is what we receive after our teachers have shown us how to use what they have taught through their creative activities.  Teaching is a profession of caring and compassion for we all need to learn how to live.


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  1. I founded a teaching society many years ago called The Society of Dead Teachers. The goal then was to show that teachers are more than just peopel that care about kids.

    Teachers are the holders of the door. Not closed, but open, standing there waiting for their students to be ready to cross into the next portabl. Teachers are the dreamers who see potential in eveyrone.

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