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Two friends by oscarps

Friendship was an allegorical divinity between the Greeks and Romans. The statues that erected the first ones went in a suit fastened, the naked head and the chest uncovered until the heart, in whose direction that the right hand was; He embraced with his left a dry elm, around which grew a vine laden with grapes.

The Romans represented her with the emblem of a beautiful young woman dressed simply in white clothing, half of the body uncovered, crowned with myrtle, interwoven with pomegranate flowers and on the forehead these words: “winter” and “summer.” In the strip of his tunic were read these others: Death and Life. He showed with his right hand his side, open to the heart with this inscription: “From near and far.” They also painted friendship with their bare feet, implying that there is no discomfort, no matter how great it may be, that a true friend does not win for the benefit of another.


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