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Those evil brussels sprouts


Back in the medieval ages, brussels sprouts were considered pretty dangerous vegetables. People in parts of Europe, especially Britain believed that demons are hiding inside brussels sprouts. What they did to avoid ingesting a demon is they cut a small cross into each sprout before cooking and eating them. They thought this would save them from the illness the demon would cause them. This is pretty funny to hear about because there is really no rational explanation as to why people would think demons hide in food…but it was a common belief in the medieval ages.

Personally, I love brussels sprouts demon or no demon…:))

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Written by tzwrites

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  1. I’ve always loved brussels sprouts – they are something we always look forward to every winter! They are best when the plants have had a touch of frost on them, because this tightens them up.

    There is a reason for cutting a cross in the base that has nothing to do with warding off demons! This helps to open the base and allow boiling water to get into the tougher part of the sprout, thus cutting down the cooking time.

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