I Love German Cake. I Don’t Like Nazi Fruitcakes.

German Chocolate Cake, so sweet, it is a celebration of culinary excellence! I loved the recent post showing the art that freedom loving people have put up on the site of the Berlin Wall. Contemporary Germany is a country full of creative people; great artists,chefs, musicians, and social thinkers. Continually, the German people make brilliant strides in their efforts to create a beautiful, free, tolerant society and overcome the painful legacies of the totalitarian past.

Under Adolf Hitler Nazi Germany killed six million Jews and hundreds of thousands of gypsies, homosexuals, and trade unionists. The Third Reich was one of the most barbaric episodes in modern history. Hitler rose to power claiming to represent the aspirations of Germany’s working class. He claimed that Jews were behind the country’s economic problems, claiming they were behind income inequality in Germany. in actuality, Hitler was backed by the richest bankers and corporations in Germany, and companies like Volkswagon were more than happy to use concentration camp labor to manufacture their vehicles. Hitler called his party “National Socialist” but in reality it was a fascist, or as his ally Benito Mussolini would call it “Corporatist” party aimed at centralized power in the emerging military industrial complex. Socialism requires working people controlling the means of production. Nazism had no such plans. Power was concentrated in the hands of a few and the hatred of Communists,Gypsies, Jews, and any convienant scapegoat was utilized to dehumanize people and militarize society.

After the Allied Forces defeated Hitler in 1945, Nazi atrocities were exposed to the world and war criminals were brought to justice in Nuremburg. You would think that would be enough to sweep this garbage ideology into the dustbin of history. Unfortunately Nazi sympathizers have rebranded and sought new avenues to pitch the same hate speech, claiming that Jewish bankers are behind a “New World Order”, and that a centuries old Jewish mysticism recently popularized by Madonna is really a Satanic conspiracy to enslave the world. I’ll be happy to pick up a German Chocolate Cake- it’s awesome. As for recycled Nazi Fruitcakes, they’re garbage.


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    • It was in part the failure of Germany’s Communist Party, which was unwilling to work in a coalition with the Social Democratic and Christian Democratic Parties to oppose Nazism. The German Communists called the Social Democrats “Social Fascists” and said they were no better than Hitler. This proved to be a very costly mistake.


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