Tea Party

Our family visited the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum, where we had the opportunity  to enjoy an interactive tour and re-enactment of one of the historical events that led to the American Revolution. The December 16, 1773 Boston Tea Party.

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We're a family that loves history, loves performing arts, and has a healthy mistrust for authority. 

Fun In Boston Harbor

We had a Mother's Day Family Outing to Boston's Waterfront. We visited the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, and had a splendid time on board a replica of H.M.S. Eleanor, where we got to participate in a re-enactment of the 1773 Boston Tea Party, the first act of nonviolent direct action that led to the American Revolution. In true Patriot spirit my daughter Violeta is enjoying tossing the tea chests into Boston Harbor...


This is the masthead seen at the bow of the H.M.S. Eleanor. I didn't know until today that one of the 3 ships involved in this moment of revolutionary history had the same name as my mom. Quite beautiful, don't you think?

Young Patriots!

Viterbo and Violeta had a blast taking part in the "Boston tea Party" re-enactment, throwing the "Tea Crates" into the harbor. Lucky for them these environmental friendly replicas were a lot lighter than the original chests, which full of Tea weighed up to 200 pounds each!

Bombs Away!

The kids were getting very excited tossing "Tea Crates" overboard. Yes I'm the proud dad of two young radicals. They got that "Boston Strong " spirit.

Son Of Liberty…

The tour guides and workers at the Boston Tea Party Ships all dress in colonial attire to help you catch that 18th century feel...

Town Meeting

Prior to boarding the ship we were given a little history lesson and invited to take part in a  town meeting, colonial Boston style...


Our colonial guide welcomes us to the museum. We'll leave the high rises and bicycles behind to step into 18th century Boston for a while.

Viterbo with Samuel Adams Statue

Viterbo posing with Samuel Adams. Not just a great Boston Beer, Sam Adams was a real patriot who argued that Bostonians and other American colonists should not pay taxes unless granted representation in parliament. Adams and the Sons of Liberty originally rallied under the slogan "No taxation without representation!" When the British response to that demand was contempt and repression, the call for liberty and revolution grew stronger.

Harbor Anachronism

An eighteenth century sailing ship rests in Boston Harbor, a replica of one of the three ships that held East India Trading Company Tea that would find its way to the harbor bottom on December 16, 1773.

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