Examining the Institution of Marriage

In ancient days, marriage had nothing to do with love. It was a way to get a father for children and create heirs, it was a way to bring clans together. It created bonds which were useful.

In some parts of the world, this is still true. Marriages are arranged to bring two families as one. In some cases, love develops, in some it does not.

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In the days when women stayed home and men went to work, there needed to be laws so that the wife and children couldn’t be discarded when the man wanted to move on.

Law concerning divorce are beyond imperfect. They are almost created to punish the good spouse and reward the gold diggers.

The decent person who marries and moves into the house owned by the other member isn’t thinking about divorce and how the house would be divided. The Gold digger focuses on getting that house.

The decent person might not be upset to learn that the property is owned by the spouse and another person; father, brother, etc. so that they can NEVER get half that house, because the person they married doesn’t own it.

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The Gold Digger checks ownership before the ceremony.

I say all this to ask those in the LGBT community if they know what they are doing?

Many people today will form a ‘partnership’,  a company. And everything is owned by that registered Partnership. Everything is spelled out. If that partnership breaks down, the parties know how much each gets, and legal entanglement is unnecessary.

The protection each gets in this legal relationship is far beyond marriage.

In most countries, the divorce rate is going up. In America, more than half of all marriages end in divorce, and some are devastating.


What do you think?


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