And Once Upon a Time – Part 14

For one incredibly long moment I stood by the monitor, not seeing it, not seeing the room, unaware of everything around me, unable to move or think or breathe.

Should I go to Zennie; go and tell her what I held in my heart for all this time?

Should I go and meet my son, the son I never knew existed?

Should I be the Douglas Haversham who married Zennie those years ago?

Or should I let it pass?

Should I grab the chance to run; leave this place, get on my boat and hit the sea. Ride until I found another place to be. Another me to be.

I remembered an old poem about two roads dividing in a narrow wood….

Standing there I could see my life as those two roads.

On the right was a confrontation with Zennie. Whatever happened would lead to other paths; maybe to reconciliation, family, stability, if it even reached the stage of relationship.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar