Catching Karma – Part 27 – (Conclusion)

Marie looked at the calendar; todaywould have been her thirty third wedding anniversary.

Would have been, if Charley hadn’t walked out on her.

Marie recalled the wedding, the various anniversary celebrations; especially the twenty fifth. They had money, enough money to have the kind of celebration they could dream about.

It had been so wonderful.

She had thought of how their thirtieth would be; but there was no thirtieth anniversary. Charley had walked out on her three months shy.

Walked out without a note, without anything.

Marie sat at her desk, hearing her daughter’s words, tracking Charley from who he had been the day he walked out to this moment.

It was so odd that she would have been  spending a month at an all inclusive in the Caribbean, he would be living in a basement. She would be sitting in a prestigious office, holding a high position, he would be sweeping a garage in a crummy part of town.

He walked out; that is what he walked to.



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Written by jaylar