Catching Karma – Part 24

Thirty years ago, Charley and Marie hadmarried. They moved into the house which had belonged to one of his relatives. They’d bought the house for less than it was worth, and both their names were on the Title.

They promised to share everything.

They had two children, Craig and Steffie.

It seemed ‘story book’. Working parents, busy kids who went to school, then into college, graduated,got jobs.

The first discordance is when Craig had wanted to marry a girl Marie didn’t like for numerous reasons. But Craig, willfully did so any way.

The mother/son relationship was damaged beyond repair, and wasn’t fixed when that wife walked out of Craig with who had been his best friend.

Despite the fact Mom was right, Craig kept the animosity, so Marie had cut contact to once a month or so. A simple call, which was never pleasant.

Steffie had taken a job a thousand miles away, and they spoke on the phone, making occasional visits.

It was literally just Charley and Marie.

For the first twenty years, the kids were there, but it was Charley and Marie. Then, the last ten, it was the two of them.

Until Charley walked out.


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Written by jaylar