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Thank you, Pamela Moresby!

Thank you, Pamela Moresby my friend from NEW ZEALAND. Boy if there were ever a place I would like to live is right there. I have always loved documentaries about your country, but the posts you bring really brought a personal touch. I really thank you for that. The first thing that really stands out is you and your husband’s superb artwork. You are one of the most talented artists I have ever met. You can do damn near any style I think too, down to photography. The birds pictures and your knowledge have taught me so much over the years. Thank you for being a friend and always being supportive. I am lucky to know you! 


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  1. Thanks so much Kim for your kind comments, New Zealand is a wonderful country to live in and I have been blessed to live here.
    I want to give special thanks here for Lado, Carol DM and Witty Feeds for your kind comments.


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