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I am a seagull! – 365 Photo Challenge #49

A normal winter day. As usual, I went with Maya in the park. I also took my camera, hoping to find something interesting. I did not have much hope but … we never know what surprises we will have. I was walking around the lake and then, I saw it flying over the lake. I sat down and waited to see what was going to happen.

He flied a few times over the lake …

…then decided to come down.

I’m a seagull and I’m looking for food! It’s getting harder, now in the winter! The lake is frozen, but … who knows, maybe I can find something here. By the way, did you hear that you can fish in the frozen lake?

I imagine that was the hope of this seagull when he landed on the frozen surface of the lake. What followed was fantastic!

This is the first chapter in a story that I will tell you through some photos. If you want to find out the story, follow my  future posts.

This is my 49thpost for the 365 Photo Challenge –  started by artbytes26. Rules and guidelines for this challenge can be found here: 365 PHOTOS Challenge. Everyone is invited.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu