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Meaning Behind the Name ~ Day180

I have two Tulip Poplar trees in my yard. I talked a little about them before. Funny, I had these trees a few years before noticing these tulip shaped blooms. Then the lightbulb went off on the name of the tree. The yellow blends so well with the green leaves I only noticed while up close to the tree.. There are seeds inside the blooms the birds really enjoy. Naute truly is amazing, I am always learning in my own backyard.


The tulip poplar is also a quick-growing tree. A plus for the tulip poplar is that it tends to live longer than other fast-growing trees. It’s also a hardwood, which many fast-growing trees are not. I will write more later about this incredible tree.

365 Photos Challenge Day 180


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Written by Carol DM

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    • …”Naturally, the term “hardwood” refers to trees and shrubs that have dense, hard wood, but — more accurately — they are mainly flowering deciduous trees that have well-developed water transport systems and tightly packed fibrous cells. Hardwoods are used prevalently as building material and are of significant economic importance for their use in constructing furniture. In addition, many species display dramatic fall foliage, provide habitat for wildlife and make attractive landscaping plants. Whatever your purpose for growing hardwoods, several species have fast growth rates and are easy to care for. Silver Maple, Black Walnut and Empress tree are three examples.”


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