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Magnolia ~ Day 202

Another tree to share from my yard is the Magnolia. It is starting to bloom the big saucer sized white blooms. This photo was in the shadows but it seemed nice since I was under the tree taking photos. Yes it is big enough for me to stand underneath. The sun is shining bright, too bright for photos, so it seemed like the best way to get a few photos. There are seed pods in the middle of the blooms that the birds love. I always see mockingbirds, robins, black birds, all kinds of birds flocked to this tree. 

The tree is evergreen, so the magnolia has the big green shiny leaves year round. That is what I love about evergreen. There is always something green in your yard, even during the winter. The tree has to be at least twenty feet tall or taller. One thing to remember about these trees. They have long roots. So always plant them away from your house. They can cause havoc on your sewer system. I have known people who spent thousands on a new septic system to find out it was caused my the roots of this tree. I love seeing the white blooms against the dark green shiny leaves. Another of my favorites. 

The Magnolia is the state tree for Mississippi and Louisiana. It is well known in the south. And you can see from this photo today is a beautiful blue sky day. Enjoy your day! I am also seeing the bluebird babies flying around in my trees in the backyard. Life is good.

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