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“I Like My Dog Pillow

Hello, my friends and animal lovers! It’s the 3rd day of the  Animal Challenge “If they could….” Feel free to join us, any time you want. If you don’t know how, just click the purple letters above. 😀


My little dog Carla is one funny creature. She adopted four kittens….. Well, more like kidnapped them from their mom, because cat mom tried to discipline her youngsters and a dog couldn’t stand that someone hisses on her pets. So kittens are super spoiled now and their mom is not happy about it.

Little Nera takes every opportunity to find some comfy lap for sleeping. Any lap is good: humans, cats’ or dog’s. I can easily imagine a cloud above her head, just like in comics: “I like my dog pillow <3 It’s soft and comfy, like my mom, but smells funny……” Now, it’s fair to give Carla a chance to replay: “Shut up, small cat and let me sleep.”


What do you think?

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  1. You dog was not happy with the mother cat. This kitten is showing Carla how grateful she is by rescuing her from her mother that she loves to sleep by or any part she can get of her. My cat at times falls asleep on my lap.