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“Where Is …..”- Animal Challenge “If They Could…” Day#10

It’s 10th day of Animal Challenge “If They Could….” and we still have something to say on behalf of our loving animals. ? They are cute, they are adorable, but they have their bad moments, too. It’s our duty to make fun of those moments.


Izzy is very grumpy when she wakes up. That’s how she looks. ? Above all she is really fond of coffee and always try to have a sip when nobody’s looking. It’s our afternoon coffee and Izzy has just opened her eyes, thinking: ” Where is my cup of coffee, humans?! How to stay awake without that divine beverage? Selfish humanses, only think on themselves….”


What do you think?

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  1. Hahaha. What a truth lies in the words: Selfish people think only of themselves … Why do not you leave a cup of coffee. She will drink it when she senses she needs it.

  2. So here I am pondering “How does one every determine that a cat likes coffee?” I would never have offered a cat my coffee. Cats would never dare to be on my tables where the coffee would be. I just can’t imagine saying,”Could you please grab the cat a cup of coffee?”