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Kim's Question of the Day!

This question has to do with travel. 

I used the Amtrak train. If you look closely, you can see the engineer smiling at me in the window. 

Now for the question… 

 Would you rather: Travel with a group, with one other person, or solo travel and meet other travelers along the way? What’s your pick and why?


What do you think?

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  1. I have taken that coastline travel from San Jose to Santa Barbara. My boss who got a transfer to the US and lived in San Diego had mentioned about that travel – a straight line along the coast by Amtrak. Our trave was up to Oxnard but the train did not go further. The rest of the travel we did by bus.

    For me two is company – three is a crowd (lol)

    • I rode this as a kid from Oceanside to Long Beach, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. My grandma used to live in Anaheim, I went up there to spend the summer.
      I remember that I was really impressed with lunch and the fact we never had to stop. It was way better than when the family would pack up the car to go visit, which took all day to get there. I’ve never been on a greyhound bus. My youngest son has several times.

  2. I would like to travel alone especially if it is a long journey. The reason is because I would like to gaze outside the window, watch the travellers and somehow get lost in the sea of travellers (strangers) – not to converse with them – for a solo experience.

    • After thinking more about this question, I guess for me it would depend on the way we traveled. In a car, I love traveling alone. I never want to go on a cruise, so thats out. I think going with a group might be more fun on one. In a plane, I don’t really care. I fall asleep before we hit the end of the runway.

  3. I think I’ll go with with 1 other person or solo …

    I’ve not yet have the courage to go solo but I wish one day I would …

    As for group, chances of things getting messy will be high – some people are bossy, choosy eater…etc
    One to two good friend is enough … haha


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